17th April – 14TH July (11 Week Term)

**Please note Monday 17th April is a bank holiday so no classes, These lessons will be made up on Monday 22nd May.**

Half Term 22nd May – 4th June (All England Regional Finals)



There is a very strict uniform and hair policy. All correct uniform must be worn at all times. 


Pre-Primary Ballet - Grade 2 Ballet:

Centre parting, 2 classical twists and bun. This is then to be worn for Modern and Tap classes.


Grade 3 Ballet upwards: 

Left side parting, 2 classical twists and bun. This is then worn for Modern, Jazz, Contemporary and Tap classes.


If hair is too short for a bun, please ensure it is neatly tied back or worn with a head band.


Hair for Musical Theatre classes does not have to be in a bun, but should still be neatly off the face and tied back when appropriate.


We would like to maintain a very professional and disciplined look to the school at all times. More information will be on the website soon, including a short video on how to create these styles.


From September 2015 we will be introducing a new Ballet uniform:

Dainty Dancers - Grade 1 -  ISTD Ballet Leotard in Aqua with Attached Skirt.

Grade 2- Grade 4 - ISTD Ballet Leotard In Aqua.


When your Child is due a new uniform could you please purchase the above leotard. These are Available from IDS and Lets Dance in Welwyn.






Ballet, Tap and Modern Examinations are held twice a year, usually at Christmas and Easter. The teachers monitor students' progress throughout each term and those who have reached the necessary standard, will be entered for the exam. The School has 100% pass rate for all graded exams in ballet, modern and tap, with a high percentage gaining Distinction.


***** Please note our Examiner has requested to change the schedule slightly. New updated timetable to follow shortly *****

Please make sure you have the correct uniform for your exam

Pre Primary - Grade 1

Aqua leotard with attached skirt

Clean pink ballet socks and shoes (satin or canvas)

Basket for Grade 1 dance

Grades 2-3

Aqua leotard, pink ballet belt, ballet socks, ballet shoes (satin or canvas)with ribbon

Book for Grade 2 dance

Grade 4

Aqua leotard, pink ballet belt, ballet tights, ballet shoes (satin or canvas) with ribbon

Grade 5-6

Plain black thin strapped leotard, black ballet belt, ballet tights, ballet shoes (satin or canvas) with ribbon, pointe shoes (Grade 6)

Please buy nylon pointe shoe ribbon for shoes. If in doubt where to sew them bring to class with 4 safety pins and I will pin in correct place.

Hair should be in a neat bun, bring plenty of pins, grips nets, elastic sand hairspray.

No nail varnish or jewellery including earrings

Arrive at Ludwick 1 hour before exam. Thank you, Miss Fiona.


Thursday 15th

6.15-6.45pm Abi B Kristen Leigh

7.30-8.30pm Lillia Talia Rebecca

Friday 16th

4.00 Charlotte Alexa Arabella 

4.30 Coral Bella S

5.00 Daisy Abigail R

6.00 Ellie Emma

7.00 finish

Saturday 17th

9.30'Natalie Shivani

10.00 Grace Darcey

11.00 Sienna Isla

11.30 Olivia Maddie

12.00 Isabella F Amelia

12.30 Reese Amelie

1.00 Jessica Cerys

2.00 Poppy Cait

2.30 Lilly Michele

3.00 Nicole Sophie Ines

4.00 finish

Tuesday 20th

4.00- 5.00 Lara

Thursday 22nd

7.30-8.30 Isabella C Abigail M

Friday 23rd

4.00 tbc

5.30 India Hadassah Eleanor Evie Han

6.15 Alba Isla Emma W

7.15 tbc

24/25th EXAMS

Friday 30th June

5.00 Intermediates (Jasmine Kelsey Ellie)

6.30 finish

Friday 7th July

5.00 Intermediates

6.30 finish

Sunday 9th July 

10.00 Intermediate Exam